OTH Regensburg: Site addresses and site maps

Galgenbergstraße 24, 93053 Regensburg:

In the "Agentur für Arbeit" building

  • Centre for Further Education and Knowledge Management (ZWW)
  • OTHmind
  • Institute of applied research and partnership with industry (IAFW)
  • Regensburg Center of Energy and Resources
  • IST-Institute (Institute of social research and assessment of technology-consequences)

Site map


Galgenbergstraße 30, 93053 Regensburg:

  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
    Building code A, B, C
  • Lecture hall forum
    Building code D, E
    • Alumni & Career Service
    • Faculty of Applied Natural Sciences and Cultural Studies (General Studies)
    • Gender and Diversity
    • Student Advisory Service
    • International Office

Prüfeninger Straße 58, 93049 Regensburg:

Building code: P 

  • Executive Board
  • Administration
  • Human Resources Department
  • Studies Department
  • Finance Department
  • Communication and Public Relations 
  • Quality management
  • Faculty of Architecture
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering (seminar rooms)
  • Library

Seybothstraße 2, 93053 Regensburg

Building code: S, T, R, Q

Building code Q

  • Canteen

Building code R

  • University library

Building code S 

  • Faculty of Social and Health Care Sciences
  • Faculty of Business Studies
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Facility management
  • Computer Centre 

Building code T

  • Faculty of Applied Natural Sciences and Cultural Studies (Laboratory building Microsystems Engineering)

Building code Y (outbuilding)

  • student house

Universitätsstraße 31, 93053 Regensburg

Building code: U

  • Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics

Galgenbergstraße 30, 93053 Regensburg

House of technology
(Building code: G-J)

  • Faculty of Civil Engineering (Laboratories, Deans office)

Franz-Mayer-Str. 1, 93053 Regensburg

In the "TechBase" building

  • Laboratory for Safe and Secure Systems (LaS³)
  • Sensorik-ApplikationsZentrum (SappZ)

Site map


Am Biopark 9, 93053 Regensburg

In the BioPark building

  • Regensburg Center of Biomedical Engineering (RCBE)