Our Technical University of Applied Sciences is organized into eight academic faculties, which house the various degree programs and offer ideal conditions for learning. More information about each is below.

Applied Natural Sciences and Cultural Studies

Faculty of Applied Natural Sciences and Cultural Studies

Applied Natural Sciences and Cultural Studies offers a broad and sophisticated range of courses in general studies. Our courses provide insight into topics of global interest and their applications, helping you gain skills valuable for your career.


Fakultät Architektur

Our architecturally constructed environment is the visible result of the work of architects - results, for which you can acquire the fundamental know-how and design rules at the OTH Regensburg. We are a faculty that draws inspiration from our international network, while rooted in and dedicated to the characteristic building culture of our region.

Civil Engineering

Fakultät Bauingenieurwesen

Civil engineers plan, design, budget and build in just about every sphere of human activity worldwide. Let us prepare you for a career in civil engineering by working closely with industry and gaining hands-on experience as well as fundamental theoretical knowledge.

Business Studies

Business Studies

Our bachelor's degree course in Business Studies will prepare you for a future in management at a leading company or organisation. After completing your studies, you will be ready to take on junior management roles across various industries and eventually take on leadership responsibilities, in either management or administration.

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Fakultät EI

Are you interested in electrical and electronics engineering? Our courses encompass studies of microelectronics, information technology, computer and power engineering. Electrical engineers are in short supply, so a degree in these areas could open many career doors for you in the future.

Computer Science and Mathematics

Fakultät Mathematik

Through the strong foundations established in A mathematics or through the modern-day importance of computer science, these courses prepare students to efficiently solve challenges of industry, economy, administration and medicine through data processing systems.

Mechanical Engineering

Fakultät Maschinenbau

With the help of our new state-of-the-art lab faculties, we offer students diverse perspectives into this in-demand career field, which is also one of Germany's largest industrial sectors. Our courses are characterised by a comprehensively, hands-on approach.

Social and Health Care Sciences

Fakultät Soziale Arbeit

Studies in Social and Health Care Sciences ready students to face challengens of a heterogeneous society and work environment. We equip students with the skills to tackle problems of communities, of individuals and of relationships, so that they can help form structural social changes.