The AW Programme

The AW or General Studies Programme provides courses and certificates to complement your studies and later professional life with core competencies. Refine Your profile and decide in which areas You want to expand your knowledge.

The AW Modules cover the following areas:

  • Foreign languages > more
  • The international programme for full-time international and exchange students > more
  • Orientation modules (e.g. in business, culture, natural sciences)
  • Social and method skills
  • Technology and engineering
  • Certificate programmes composed of multiple AW Modules > more

Course registration and information on times, rooms and instructors is on WebUntis. The AW module descriptions provide more information about the AW course contents. (This information is mostly in German, unless the course is held in English.)

Each degree programme has individual requirements for the completion of AW Modules. These requirements can be found in the respective SPOs (study and examination regulations). Additionally, AW Modules can be attended as elective courses or to complete a certificate programme.

Registration for AW Modules is available on WebUntis with Technical Support provided by the Computer Centre (Rechenzentrum).

The course registration is open at the beginning of each semester (March or September/October), or for intensive courses from the end of the preceding semester (January/February or July).

You can register online for up to three AW Modules each semester. After the registration period closes, you will be notified via e-mail about the status of your participation.

The modules in the AW programme are divided into course categories. Please be aware that many courses are only available in the German language.

When you register for courses via WebUntis you can filter by course category. The abbreviation in the short title of the course also provides information about the course category.

Course categoryCourse category in WebUntisAbbreviation
Train-the-Trainer CertificateAW_Ausb.derAusbilderAdA
Occupational Safety SpecialistAW_Sicherheitsfach.


Business AdministrationAW_BetriebswirtschaftBW
The Engineer as an EntrepreneurAW_Ingen.UnternehmerING
German as a Foreign LanguageAW_DaFDaF
Grow4Digital CertificateAW_Grow4DigitalG4D
Immissions Control ManagerAW_ImmissionsschutzIMMI
International ProgrammeAW_InternationalProgINT
Natural Science and TechnologyAW_NaturwissenschaftNAT
Social CompetenceAW_SozialeKompetenzSOZKOM
Soft Skills (Block I): Personality DevelopmentAW_Soz-Methoden-KomSOZMETH_1
Soft Skills (Block II): Social CompetenceAW_Soz-Methoden-KomSOZMETH_2
Soft Skills (Block III): Intercultural CompetenceAW_Soz-Methoden-KomSOZMETH_3
Soft Skills (Block IV): CommunicationAW_Soz-Methoden-KomSOZMETH_4
Soft Skills (Block V): Methodology CompetenceAW_Soz-Methoden-KomSOZMETH_5
Technical SalesAW_Techn.VertriebTECHV


Foreign and exchange students can also register for AW Modules on WebUntis. The “International Programme” has English-language courses that focus on general information about Germany (e.g. economy, technology, culture).

Courses in German as a Foreign Language are also offered as intensive courses before the beginning of the semester and during the semester. The International Office will inform you when the intensive courses will begin. For more information please consult the International Office.

Regensburg, together with all other Bavarian Universities of Applied Sciences, is a supporting university of the Bavarian Virtual University (vhb). All courses at the vhb are free of charge for OTH students. The examination committee of each degree programme can provide information about the recognition of courses and credit points.

Information for students at OTH Regensburg:

Students at OTH Regensburg can attend foreign language courses at the University of Regensburg. Also, the certificate programme “Oral Communication” may be attended, if there are vacant places. Further information about the courses and about the registration can be found on the university’s website. The courses and seminars at the Writing Centre (Schreibzentrum) are also available to students at OTH Regensburg.

After successful completion of the course, you can request a certificate from the University of Regensburg. With this certificate, you can apply to your faculty for recognition of the course and its credits.

Please note that language courses at levels A1 and A2 at OTH Regensburg are generally 4 contact hours (SWS) while those at the University of Regensburg may be only 2 SWS. In order to reach the next course level, the modules constituting all 4 SWS must be completed.

Information for students at the University of Regensburg:

Students at the University of Regensburg are welcome to attend AW Modules and certificate programmes at OTH Regensburg.

Please note that the semesters at OTH Regensburg start on October 1st and March 15th. The AW Modules typically begin in the second week of the semester. Some modules, such as language courses, have mandatory attendance as a requirement for taking the final exam.

Please use the following form to register for AW Modules as a student of the University of Regensburg.

Description of the AW modules can be found in the AW module handbook. Please note that only courses taught in English have English descriptions.