Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design

Information on the Qualifying Examination for the Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design

You would like to apply for a place on the Industrial Design course at our university? In addition to the general admission requirements, qualification for the Bachelor's degree program in Industrial Design also requires proof of a positive aptitude test.

Procedure of the aptitude test:

1. submission of the electronic portfolio and all other documents between May 1 and June 15, 2022.
2. in case of a successful application, the invitation to the aptitude test will follow by e-mail at the latest one week before the test date on July 15, 2022.
3. together with the invitation you will receive a preparatory homework assignment, which you are kindly requested to work on independently and to bring the solution or elaboration to the qualifying examination. The homework assignment will play a role in the course of the interview.
After successful completion of the aptitude test, you will be informed at the beginning of August and will receive your admission letter. Rejected applicants will also be informed.

Study Application:

The application period runs from May 1 to June 15, 2022. Only a complete application can be considered, please proceed as follows:

First, please complete our online application: In the online application, please upload the following documents individually:
        1. Curriculum vitae with full name, your complete address, as well as your application number (max. one DIN-A4 page).
        2.  A signed declaration (= declaration of authorship) that all work has been done independently. (max. one DIN-A4 page)
        3. A letter of motivation (max. one DIN A4 page).
        4. Cover sheet / title page with your full name, address and application number. Independently produced artistic work. For further details see below.

The above application deadline is a cut-off deadline, i.e. documents uploaded after this date cannot be accepted. Only a complete application can be considered. Exception:

University entrance qualification (HZB): If this is acquired in the year of application, the deadline for subsequent submission is 20.07.2022. You can use the subsequent submission function on the start page of the application portal. Please make sure to check the box "Assign to my application" when reloading. The status remains "provisionally excluded" until the university entrance qualification is submitted. The portfolio and aptitude test are independent from this status.


Pre-internship information:

Applicants who have not completed any practical training (e.g. high school graduates) or who change their field of education after completing the FOS/BOS must provide proof of relevant practical training or full-time work corresponding to the course of study for at least six weeks before the start of the course (pre-study internship). For first-year students in the academic year 2022/23, the pre-study internship can still be completed during the entire first year of study. The internship can be completed in a design studio, a company or a specialist department from the wider environment of design and design. The pre-study internship can be omitted if the student has completed an apprenticeship in a relevant trade such as toolmaker, precision mechanic, carpenter, lathe operator, model maker or similar. The FOS/BOS Design degree is fully recognized as a pre-study internship.

Applicants must organize their pre-study internship independently. Ideally, the internship is completed in one piece, but partial internships are also possible. The following companies and fields of work can be considered:
- Design studios
- Architecture and interior design offices
- Design departments of industrial or craft manufacturers, in film, television and theater
- Industrial and handicraft companies with a design orientation, fashion joineries
- Advertising, PR and media agencies with a 3D department
- Service companies and public institutions whose work focuses on the visualization of products and services.
- Trade fair construction

During the pre-study internship you will get to know job-related fields of activity in industrial design. These include: Idea generation, model making, craft and industrial production methods, digital representation and processes, construction, material science, multimedia, media design, planning, control, graphics/layout, screen design, image editing, trade fair, exhibition and event design, design management. For further details on the pre-internship, please refer to the study and examination regulations for the Industrial Design program.

Information on the letter of motivation:

Industrial Designers at the OTH Regensburg speak and write in German, but occasionally also in English. You can write your text in German or in English. Be guided by the following questions when writing your motivation letter:

1) what do i want to study ?
2) what do my parents think about me being interested in design &/or creative stuff . . . ?
3) who do i want to be when i grow up ?
4) if i think i want to be a designer should i sign up for architecture too, just ob e safe & make sure i get in ?
5) if i am going to become this new person, what should i really study and where . . . ?

Portfolio information:

Your portfolio should contain 10, maximum 15 different works. What kind of works should they be? The content of some of your works should be related to industrial design. Drawings, color work, artistic photos, images of three-dimensional works - whatever you submit, quality is more important to us than quantity. Whether you show design sketches, drawings from your personal environment, free works, digital art, or paintings, we are interested in the depth of your design exploration, their curiosity, the urgency of your design concern, and your skills. Pick your best work and be sure to include some variety in the different subjects and techniques. The earlier these materials arrive, the easier you make it for us to judge.

The portfolio must be uploaded electronically only as a PDF file in the application portal. The maximum size of the portfolio is 20 MB. Please name the file: Last_First_Name_Application_Number.pdf. The portfolio will be evaluated by examiners of the faculty using a point scale on which you can receive up to 50 points. We kindly ask you to refrain from further consultations and individual consultations regarding the portfolio design.

Information on the aptitude test

The tasks and the interview will be evaluated by examiners of the faculty by means of a point scale. The criteria will be evaluated as follows:

- Artistic-creative part: 0 to a maximum of 20 points.
- Rational-cognitive part: 0 to a maximum of 20 points
- Interview on choice of study and career goal 0 to a maximum of 10 points

The minimum requirement for passing the aptitude test (pre-selection and practical test) is to achieve 50% of the maximum possible score, i.e. 50 out of a maximum of 100 points. Applicants with a positive pre-selection will be invited by e-mail at least one week in advance. Together with the invitation you will receive a preparatory homework assignment, which you are asked to complete independently (see above).

Further assessment criteria are:
- Spatial imagination
- Drawing skills
- Representation and communication skills
- Technical understanding
- Perception
- Creativity, imagination and originality
- Information processing
- Work behavior
- Ability to work in a team, commitment
- motivation

Results: will be communicated promptly by e-mail; oral inquiries will not be answered.

Legal basis: study and examination regulations as well as statutes on the aptitude test

Admission to studies at the OTH Regensburg: After passing the aptitude test, the admission and rejection notices will be sent in writing at the beginning of August. Please refer to FAQ No. 7 for the further procedure.