Business Programme in English

OTH Regensburg: A great study experience!

According to the "International Student Barometer" 2018/2019 survey, 81.9% of international students would recommend OTH Regensburg for their study abroad experience. More than 90% percent of our incoming exchange students describe their stay at OTH Regensburg as "happy". In the campus quality categories, such as safety, buildings and study areas, OTH Regensburg consistently lands in first place throughout Germany! All our degree programmes are fully accredited by official German standards to ensure the highest quality of teaching and learning. This is also confirmed in nationwide rankings like the CHE University Ranking where the Faculty of Business Studies is regularly among the best faculties in the country.

Visiting Lecturers

Our Business Programme in English is also directed to internationalise our teaching staff. Thus, our faculty would like to encourage colleagues from other recognised Business Schools to join our Business Programme in English for a semester (or shorter) and teach courses at our faculty as a visiting lecturer.

Business Programme in English

The aim of our Business Programme in English is to prepare interested domestic students for future positions in international business and to attract international exchange students from other countries to promote a diverse cultural background among our students. The courses offered in English cover a wide variety of topics from the core curriculum of Business schools around the world. Thus, students can expect easy recognition of their achievements at their home universities.

Important Information

The courses on this web page do not constitute a full degree and are therefore not degree awarding. The course overview is targeted at exchange students for 1 or 2 semesters. All courses are part of our regular Bachelor programmes. For our full-time Master programme taught in English, please see here.