European Business Studies (Master)

Welcome to the Master degree programme in European Business Studies at OTH Regensburg.

This programme offers university graduates with a relevant first degree in International Business Studies an opportunity to complete their education with a 3-semester Master degree programme (M.A.) with a strong international focus. The programme consists of a comprehensive range of management and business themes and is supplemented by a study option of the student's own choosing. The curriculum has been completely restructred in 2019 to keep pace with new challenges in the business community.

Find out all you need to know about the Master degree programme's entrance requirements, content and regulations on these pages.

Degree programme information

Commencement:Winter semester / summer semester
Duration:3 semesters, full-time course, 90 ECTS Credits
Profile:A comprehensive Master programme providing students with advanced knowlegde in central areas of Business studies and the opportunitiy to apply their knowlegde in real-life projects with interesting industry partners.
Study options:Management and Finance
Management and Logistics
Management and HR
Management and Marketing
Degree title:"Master of Arts" (M.A.)
Accreditation:FIBAA  Accreditation Agency [only available in German]
Programme language:

Core courses: English

Study options:
Management and Finance: German
Management and Logistics: German
Management and HR: German
Management and Marketing: English

Head of the Master European Business Studies programme

Prof. Dr. Nina Leffers

Room: S 215

Tel.: 0941/943-1406


Bingold, Jenny

Raum: S 222c

Tel.: 0941/943-9921

E-Mail: jenny.bingold(at)

Friends of European Business Studies association

The Friends of European Business Studies association (FEB e.V.) was set up in 1996 as an initiative of students and lecturers shortly after the European Business Studies programme was launched at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Regensburg.

In the intervening years a large European Business Studies community with over 600 members has grown up with the aim of maintaining and improving communication between students and the university. The community thrives, grows and continues to evolve through its students.

With its unparalleled network of current students and graduates who are now employed as skilled and experienced managers and decision-makers in world-renowned businesses operating in industry, trade and the service sector, FEB offers numerous opportunities for making valuable contacts. As well as alumni presentations or the mentoring scheme that was introduced in 2006, current students are able meet and exchange ideas with alumni, pick up useful tips on the internship parts of their course and use the potential for a successful career entry and attractive job opportunities.

To find more information about FEB and the current FEB Team, go here.

Regensburgis a unique city which, with its beautiful Old Town which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006, is ranked among the Top Ten sites in Germany and even across Europe. Aside from its status as a student town, Regensburg is also a first-rate business hub. Numerous national and multinational companies are located close by, making the most of the excellent communications and supply infrastructure, ideal production conditions and the dense network of businesses, research facilities and higher education establishments.

OTH Regensburg was recently placed in the Top Ten German Universities of Applied Sciences preferred by personnel bosses across Germany, with its Faculty of Business Studies occupying a very respectable 9th place. With its modern facilities and student-centric environment, the campus which OTH Regensburg shares with the University of Regensburg offers the best possible atmosphere for studious endeavour.

In the third semester we strongly encourage students to make use of the opportunity to write the Master Thesis at one of our many Partner Universities in Europe and beyond, or in cooperation with an internship at an international firm.

Here you will find useful information about studying in Regensburg.

For support and more information round about a study semester or placement semester abroad please contact our International Office.

The Master programme in European Business has set itself the goal of producing highly qualified managers to fill international management positions. Students will acquire comprehensive knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the commercial, political, legal and sociocultural framework in both a European and an international context. The study programme which can be studied entirely in English builds on a successfully completed first degree programme in business studies, and is aimed specifically at foreign students.

  • Semester 1: Advanced studies in central areas of business administration, with an international context and a focus on digitalization
  • Semester 2: Project-oriented classes with a focus on team work and choice of specialisation
  • Semester 3: Preparation of the Master thesis and optional stay abroad at one of the partner universities or internship in combination with the Master’s thesis at an international firm.

The Master programme in European Business is aimed at students who have already completed a demanding first degree programme in the field of international business studies and who have gained comprehensive international and practical experience during internships or even in their first actual paid employment.

Applicants must meet the following entrance requirements:

  • Applicants should hold a first degree in a relevant course in international business studies in which they have obtained an overall grade of “good” (2,5) or higher, or hold an equivalent German or foreign degree in which they will generally have been awarded 210 ECTS credits but not less than 180 credits.
  • Applicants will have adequate experience from a non-German speaking country, which will be demonstrated by:
    • a) at least 30 credits obtained from a course taken at a foreign University/ University of Applied Sciences
    • b)  an internship semester in a non-German speaking country (or a country different from the one in which they studied their first degree if that was not Germany) as part of the first degree course or a comparable and continuous period of time working in a non-German speaking country
      At least one of the requirements under a) and b) must be fulfilled at the time of application, the other can be fulfilled during the Master programme, which will extend the duration of the programme by one semester.
  • Adequate proficiency in English. Applicants will either have completed a first degree programme that was held mainly in English, or they will have acquired adequate foreign experience or have adequate subject-related practical knowledge (a foreign internship in English). Alternatively, applicants will provide proof of English proficiency at level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  • Programme-specific aptitude.

Proof of aptitude for the programme:

To be eligible to take part in the aptitude process, applicants must have submitted their applications in the required format and by the specified time.
An applicant’s aptitude for the particular programme is demonstrated by their successful presentation of a written essay. Three topics form the subject of the essay:

  • International Management
  • Economics
  • Marketing

Essay requirements:
The essay must be written in English and contain at least 1,800 and not more than 2,500 words. The essay must be completed within 48 hours from the time it is set. The essay must be submitted online to the Faculty of Business Studies before the end of the allotted time.
Authors must indicate the sources and references they have used. They must enclose a form certifying that the essay is entirely their own work.
Be aware: All submitted essays will undergo a plagiarism check so please observe the relevant standards governing scientific working methods! 

Points will be awarded based on the results of the essay and the final grade of the applicant’s first degree. A total of 100 points is possible. Applicants must gain at least 65 points to pass the aptitude test.

For the essay applicants can gain a maximum of 70 points:

  • 30 Points for the topic International Management
  • 30 Points for the topic Economics
  • 10 Points for the topic Marketing

For the final grade of the first degree applicants can gain a maximum of 30 points:

  • 0 points for a grade 4.0
  • 30 points for a grade 1.0
  • 1 Point is awarded for each tenth better than a grade 4.0

If the first degree was obtained abroad, the grades will be converted according to Section 6(6) of the General Examination Regulations.
For more information, just read the Examination Regulations for the Master course European Business Studies (only available in German).

With a Master degree in European Business Studies you will be qualified to take up management positions on middle and higher management levels. You will find possible openings in all areas of business administration, preferably with an international element. You will be able to prioritise preferred topics through your choice of advanced study option and further specialisation in your Master thesis.

FAQs for the Master of European Business Studies (MEB) course

Module overview with module descriptions