Business Information Technology (Bachelor)

Are you keen to design computer-aided application systems and use them in practice? To combine business studies and computer science and so help to deliver novel outcomes and knowledge? If you are, then our Bachelor degree programme in Business Information Technology is right for you!

The impact of information and communications technology on everyday social and business contexts grows constantly. Standard software, databases and internet applications are commonplace components of our everyday lives. Custom IT architectures are created and processes designed on the basis of company aims and objectives. It will be your task as a developer, consultant, project collaborator or IT manager to master complex IT solutions. Business information technology may be a relatively young discipline but it has already become an indispensable part of every sector.

Our accredited B.Sc. in Business Information Technology will prepare you optimally for the tasks that lie ahead. You can also go on to study for a M.Sc. in Computer Science in a further three semesters, opening even more doors to career opportunities! You can be confident of making the right choice!

Degree programme information

Commencement:Winter semester, summer semester
Duration:7 semesters, full-time, 210 ECTS credits
Profile:Course structure and course programme [only available in German]
Advisor:Prof. Dr. Daniel Jobst
Chairman of the Examination Board:Prof. Dr. Carsten Kern
Study options: 
Degree title: Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)
Accreditation:ASIIN  Accreditation Agency[only available in German]   EQUANIE
Programme language:German, some courses might be in English