Computer Science (Bachelor)

Are you keen to help shape our future and be an innovative problem-solver? Are you looking for a profession that offers excellent prospects in a wide range of fascinating fields? If you are, then our Bachelor degree programme in Computer Science is right for you!

Information and communication technologies are having a growing impact on human social and economic activities the world over. One or more computer systems are at work in virtually every modern device.

Standard software, databases and IT architectures are commonplace components of our everyday lives. Your task will be to identify and describe practical problems of the type faced by business, industry and administration in such a way that they can be efficiently handled by data processing systems.

Our accredited Bachelor degree programme in computer science guarantees you a broad interdisciplinary training and will prepare you optimally for the tasks that lie ahead. And if you wish, you can go on to study for an M.Sc. in Computer Science in a further three semesters. You are making a really good choice and one that will open many doors.

Degree programme information

Commencement:Winter semester, summer semester
Duration:7 semesters, full-time, 210 ECTS credits
Profile:Course structure and course programme[only available in German]
Advisor:Prof. Dr. Michael Bulenda
Chairman of the Examination Board:Prof. Dr. Carsten Kern
Study options: 
Degree title: Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)
Accreditation:ASIIN  Accreditation Agency[only available in German]   EQUANIE 
Programme language:German, some courses might be in English