Computer Science programme in English (Summer Term 2019)

Modern Database Concepts (MDK)Master5Prof. Dr. Scherzinger
Non-linear optimization (NOP)Master5Prof. Dr. Körkel
Capstone Projects (HSP)Master5Prof. Dr. Dünnweber, Prof. Dr. Westner and others
Thesis WorkMaster,
Prof. Dr. Westner and others
Augmented Reality and Games with Unity 3DBachelor5Prof. Dr. Mauro Figueiredo, University of Algarve, Portugal
Basics of Deep Learning for Image AnalysisBachelor5Prof. Dr. Palm
Business ConsultingBachelor5Prof. Dr. Westner
Formal MethodsBachelor5Dr. Vitaliy Mezhuyev, Professor, Universiti Malaysia Pahang
Design ThinkingBachelor5Prof. Dr. Heckner
Innovation ManagementBachelor5Thomas Gallner, Head of Innovation Management, Continental AG
Internet of Things and Digital Health EcosystemBachelor5Dr. Rajeev Kanth, Savonia UAS, Finland
Modern Web Applications using React.js and Node.jsBachelor5Jussi Koistinen, Savonia UAS, Finland
Project Management (virtual lecture)Bachelor3Prof. Dr. Westner
Software Design PatternsBachelor5Dr. Betram Haskins, Mandela University, South Africa
Fundamentals of Business Administration (virtual lecture)Bachelor5Prof. Dr. Westner
Introduction to Automata, Languages, and Computation (virtual lecture)Bachelor6Prof. Dr. Mauerer
+ virtual lectures on different topics offered by VHB (see also at the bottom of this page)Master