Computer Science programme in English (Winter Term 2017/2018)

Capstone Projects (HSP)Master5Prof. Dr. Dünnweber, Prof. Dr. Westner and others
Distributed Computing (DCO)Master5Prof. Dr. Daniel Jobst
IT-Controlling (ITC)Master5Prof. Dr. Westner
Modeling (MDL)Master5Prof. Dr. Kern
Scientific Seminar in IS (WIS)Master
5Prof. Dr. Dünnweber, Prof. Dr. Kucera, Prof. Dr. Westner
Secure Programming (SPG)Master
5Prof. Dr. Skornia
Thesis WorkMaster
Prof. Dr. Westner and others
Building Modern Web Applications & Services using Node.js (DMAS)Bachelor5Eamon De Leaster, Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland
Cyberethics (DCYE)Bachelor5Dr. Steve McKinlay, Wellington Institute of Technology, Wellington, New Zealand
High Performance Computing (DHPC)Bachelor5Prof. Dr. Dünnweber
Introduction to e-Governance and Smart City (KEGO)Bachelor5Amitrajit Sarkar, Ara Institute of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand
Mobile UX/UI Design (DMUD)Bachelor5Dr. Kathryn MacCallum, Eastern Institute of Technology, Napier, New Zealand
Project Management (3 ECTS virtual course through VHB, 2 ECTS on-site project simulation) (PM)Bachelor5Prof. Dr. Westner
Robotics (ROB)Bachelor5Prof. Dr. Weiss
SystemC (DSYC)Bachelor5Prof. Dr. Münch
+ virtual lectures on different topics offered by VHB (see also at the bottom of this page)Master