Business Information Technology, SAP and Production Logistics Laboratory

The IT and Production Logistics laboratory is available for applied research, for final year projects and for working with student research assistants.

Planning problems and stock variations are our chief areas of interest, so we analyse problems of decision-making for production planning and control on the one hand, and examine logistical processes (i.e. warehousing and transport through to supply chain management) on the other. Modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems provide algorithms which can be used to resolve these issues.  In the laboratory[only available in German] we concentrate on refining and enhancing existing algorithms and optimizing their parameter settings.

In terms of  content, the main focus[only available in German] is placed on procedures, strategies, processes and IT systems in production logistics.

The following software systems are available:

  • SAP Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
    • The full system, comprising an IDES system for training and a system for inhouse developments.
    • The SAP APO system, providing algorithms for resolving the problems referred to above
  • eMPlant simulation system
  • ARIS business process modelling tool
  • A tool for solving (linear) optimization problems: ILOG OPL Studio
  • A range of learning software for algorithms for production and logistics:
    • The Production Management Trainer, educational software developed by Professor Tempelmeier of the University of Cologne.
    • Inhouse developments for forecasting, requirements planning, production control and simulation of stock development.
Model of a high-bay racking warehouse
Model of a high-bay racking warehouse