Parallel and Distributed Systems Laboratory


The laboratory allows students and instructors of parallel and distributed systems studying use cases of the technologies shown in our lectures. Here, we go beyond the theoretical aspects of multi-core and cloud computing using concrete hardware.

HSP participants or students working on there exams can participate in ongoing research projects and use multiple operating systems (macOS and different distributions of Linux) and various peripheral devices to conduct experiments related to our lectures on distributed computing and high-performance computing.

The equipment also allows to work on more specific problems of computer science such as artificial intelligence, smart grid + smart cities and digital audio technology

Setup:12 MacBooks, 6 Linux PCs, 6 free laptop workplaces,  eGPUs (BizonBOX), surround command center (PreSonus), wireless Audio (Dynaudio XEO), active loudspeakers (5.1 ADAM Classic MK3), D/A + A/D Convertes, Compressors with VU-Meter (Golden Age Project), network attached storages (NAS)