Research and Projects

Regensburg Colloquium of Information Systems, Computer Science & Mathematics (ReCICM)

The Regensburg Colloquium of Information Systems, Computer Science & Mathematics (ReCICM) is a series of talks and lectures by OTH Regensburg faculty and selected invited speakers from Germany and abroad. ReCICM's objective is to provide a fresh perspective on contemporary issues in the field of Information Systems, Computer Science, and Mathematics from a practitioner as well as from a scholarly perspective.

"Business Simulation Systems" Competence Center

Developing and implementing application concepts for business games. -> Further information

CC-SE Competence Center for Software Engineering

The Competence Center for Software Engineering is based in the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics and forms part of the Institute of Applied Research and Partnership with Industry at OTH Regensburg.

Further information and current vacancies will be found on the CCSE Homepage[only available in German].

Innovation Center for Production Logistics and Factory Planning (IPF)

Innovation Center for Production Logistics and Factory Planning (IPF)

The IPF conducts  innovative research and development projects in production logistics and factory planning, working primarily in partnerships with industry. The Center is part of the Institute of Applied Research and Partnership with Industry of OTH Regensburg.

IPF homepage[only available in German]

IT User Center of OTH Regensburg


The IT User Center identifies synergies between the interests of business on the one hand and the portfolio of OTH Regensburg on the other, formulates joint projects and then implements them in partnership with the businesses concerned.

Further information will be found on the homepage of the IT User Center[only available in German].


Developing a drive and matching software that can actuate the rods of a table football game and be connected to any standard "kicker".

Kickermat homepage[only available in German]


The priMe-Cup is a Management Entrepreneurship competition which all Bavarian universities of applied sciences can enter. Working together in teams as "young entrepreneurs/managers", competing students learn and experience how commerce thinks and acts and how businesses function in a competitive context.

Regensburg Center of Biomedical Engineering (RCBE)

The Regensburg Center of Biomedical Engineering (RCBE)
is a central facility of the OTH Regensburg in partnership with the University of Regensburg. Its chief role is to promote and coordinate interdisciplinary research in the two primary areas of

  • Medical Information Technology and
  • Biomedical Engineering

making it a central point of contact for the Healthcare Technology research network in Regensburg.

Virtual University of Bavaria

We’re helping to establish the Virtual University of Bavaria.