Bachelor Intelligent Systems Engineering

Smart technology needs competent brains!

The keyword is smart: Embedded smart components are performing their duties in nearly all areas of life - usually unseen by their users. Such microprocessor controlled technical systems have artificial intelligence, adapt autonomously to changing circumstances and network with their environment. Modern vehicles, homes and appliances - from the household through industrial products to medical and energy engineering - would be inconceivable without them.

It is for this ground-breaking, forward-looking technology that industry is looking for engineers capable of developing creative solutions at the interface between electronics and IT. These engineers are system-oriented and are proficient in both hardware and software development.

The course in Intelligent Systems Engineering has been deliberately designed to help them acquire these skills, offering outstanding opportunities in a wide range of exciting fields.

Course information

Course commences:Winter semester
Course duration:7 semesters, full-time, 210 ECTS credits
Degree title: Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)
Accreditation: Certificate  [only available in german]
Course descriptions:Course descriptions - Modulhandbuch - in german