MRU Mechatronics Research Unit

The MRU researches and develops innovative mechatronic systems for use in robotics and automation, electrostatics, smart materials, lasers and optoelectronics, biotechnology and medical engineering.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Gareth Monkman
Room: S -034, MRU

BISP Biometric Smart Pen

The BiSP Project is involved in research activities in the area of human movement analysis. This addresses multiple applications in human computer interaction, biometrics, medicine, graphonomics, humanoid robotics and will enable innovations in many branches.
The first research item was a Biometric Smart Pen system (BiSP) which became a multisensoric pen system for the recording and analysis of handwriting, drawing and gesture movements on a paper pad or free in space. This system is actual involved into research on Parkinson Disease. 

The actual research item focuses on developing an intelligent monitoring system for tooth brushing activity, that has the ability to qualify the tooth brushing process and then interact with the user leading him/ her to the "optimal" toothbrushing, which offers SMART iBrush as a preventative treatment tool that will reduce the costs of oral disease treatment.
SMART iBrush offers also an analytical tool for dentist oral hygiene habit and is considered an application for ubiquitous healthcare system

Contact: Prof. Georg Scharfenberg, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kempf
Room: S -125, BiSP Regensburg

Sensor Competence Center

The Sensor Laboratory provides a platform for students and researchers to conduct sensor projects within the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Here, research and development projects in applied sensor technology are carried out in cooperation with partners from industry.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Mikhail Chamonine
Room: T 121

LaS3 Software Engineering Laborartory for Sa*f*e and Secure Systems

'S3' stands for the design of safe and secure software-intensive systems, i.e. functional safety through and with software, and the methodical development of safe software. The architecture of software-intensive systems is analysed under near-industrial research conditions.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Mottok
Room: S123

FENES Research Center for Power Grids and Energy Storage

The Research Center for Power Grids and Energy Storage (FENES) is a research-intensive university facility which from a scientific standpoint studies technical, economic and political issues relating to power and energy supply networks on all voltage levels and to energy storage facilities employing a range of technologies.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Oliver Brückl, Prof. Dr. Michael Sterner
Room: U617