Incoming Students

Advice for Exchange Students Studying at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

This page is written with the intention to give you some additional advice about organizing your studies at the faculty of mechanical engineering.

In generally the lecturing language is German. The courses taught in English can be looked up at our website:

All other classes are typically pitched at an audience of native speakers. Experience has shown that excellent German language skills (we consider B2 as the minimum) plus an adequate technical background are necessary to successfully participate the lecture and pass the exam. So if you really need the credits from a specific course (e.g. if you home university or funding organisation requires them) please select your courses carefully.

If you do not need the credits you are always welcome to join the classes and participate the lecturing.

The faculty has a digital “Black Board” all relevant information for the students is signposted there. Please check it regularly: [translated by google automatic translater]

Not all lectures are offered every semester. Especially from the elective modules in the 6th and 7th semester. Some lectures are only offered in summer others only in the winter term. The detailed information is available in the relevant module description [only available in German]

If you would like to participate in laboratory exercises: These courses are organized in the first week of the lecturing term. Make sure you join the first lesson. Typically, teams are formed who perform the individual exercises together. Presence at the exercise is mandatory, normally there is an oral examination at the beginning and afterwards the students have to write a report.

Student Projects in the 3rd year Bachelor

Our bachelor students undertake a student project in the 6th semester. The project consists of four contact hours every week plus additional work which is organized to suit. These projects are normally organized in the semester before they take place. They also often start before the actual lecturing is starting. So if you would like to join one of these projects, please contact the departmental coordinator as early as possible. Normally we find possibilities for individual exchange students to join into these projects.

Research and Development Project – Master Courses

Our master students undertake a research and development project. For the local students this project spreads over two semester. So if you intend to join this project, contact the departmental coordinator as early as possible. Individual solutions can be found.

There are many opportunities for final projects. On the faculty homepage you can find a database where many topics are listed:[only available in German] If you find a topic you are interested in you can contact the supervisor directly.

When you contact the supervisor, please send a formal application consisting of cover letter, C.V. and a mark sheet that allows the supervisor to judge your performance in your studies so far. When you write an email, be aware that chat or SMS style is considered not appropriate.

Please be aware that the professors can only supervise a limited number of thesis at the same time. So, the professors who have popular topics are booked out early. Make sure you contact the supervisor of your favourite topic as early as possible. The students negotiate their final projects individually and independently with the professors there is no further intervention.

Please be clear, that you need to have an excellent level in the language you want to write your thesis. Standard language is German most supervisors accept English as well.

further informations [...]

Voluntary courses are offered in the areas of CAD, Finite Elements and Multi Body Dynamics. These courses typically take place outside the lecturing times. If you would like to attend such a course, please contact the departmental coordinator in the semester before you intend to come.

If you intend to do a practical internship please be aware that we request our students to organise the position by themselves. The companies in the region are used to students asking for internship positions. So far, most of the students find suitable placements. Internship positions are typically announced by the companies on their homepages. You can also find positions signposted on various blackboards throughout the university. In the larger companies a good level of English language skill might be sufficient to get a place. Especially in smaller companies you should speak German well enough to understand work and safety instructions. Normally the students apply for internships two to three months before they want to start working.