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Work areas

The MSc Medical Engineering course equips students with the ability to perform tasks requiring leadership responsibility in different areas within international businesses involved in medical engineering research, development, production and service provision. MSc graduates are able to assume overall responsibility in groups or organisations, to lead these groups and organisations in the accomplishment of complex tasks and to promote the professional development of team members. Successful completion of the MSc Medical Engineering course will also fit students for applications-based or research-based assignments and projects. The skills acquired from the MSc Medical Engineering course will enable students to assume complex technical and management duties in industry and can serve as a basis for further scientific qualifications in a subsequent cooperative PhD course or qualify them for work in scientific establishments.

Course information

Commencement:Winter semester, summer semester
Duration:3 semesters, full-time, 90 ECTS credits
Profile:Course structure and course programme
Location:Research and Development option, OTH Regensburg
Technology and Systems option, OTH Amberg-Weiden, Weiden Campus
Module manual:only available in German
Qualifying examination:only available in German
Degree title: Master of Science (MSc)
Accreditation:only available in German

The course is modular in structure, covering three semesters in which medical engineering options are studied in depth. The options offered are Research and Development taught at OTH Regensburg, and Technology and Systems which is held at the Weiden campus of OTH Amberg-Weiden. The MSc Medical Engineering course concludes with a Master thesis in the third semester.

The standard course length is three semesters.

The course confers 90 ECTS credits.

The technical and social skills which you acquired in your first professionally qualifying degree course will form the basis for this Master course, with your existing knowledge being deepened in compulsory and elective modules and broadened by an extended methodical and analytical approach. Project assignments and a Master thesis will equip you with the ability to critically analyse complex problems and challenges and come up with practical solutions. The links that exist between the teaching staff and industry – regional, national and international – and your involvement in national and international research projects will make you an integral part of ongoing research and development work. This link with industry affirms the timeliness of the knowledge and skills which the course is designed to impart.

The aim of this Master degree course is to teach students the ability to apply scientific knowledge and methods in medical engineering in ways that demonstrate their initiative, self-reliance and sense of responsibility. The course uses an in-depth knowledge base on which to build expertise that will prove invaluable in current application-oriented research projects.

Students of this Master course will acquire methodical and analytical skills enabling them to independently broaden their scientific knowledge, to adopt a problem-solving approach to their work and to act responsibly and efficiently.

Their multidisciplinary knowledge will make them competent partners in other specialist fields, facilitate close co-operation and equip them to head up complex projects.