Bachelor Midwifery

The demands made on the profession of midwife have grown in complexity in recent years. Midwives find themselves under increasing pressure to constantly reflect on their actions and to rethink and adapt them against a background of scientific knowledge. Advising expectant mothers, birthing mothers, women in childbed and young families, and participatory decision-making, are of major importance in a midwife's job.

The aim of this B.Sc. course is to provide midwives with the knowledge and skills to enable them to act on a sound scientific basis and to incorporate the latest scientific findings into their professional work. The course is structured so that theoretical study phases at the Hochschule alternate with periods of practical work. These will take place in both clinical and non-clinical environments – in obstetrics, advising and caring for expectant mothers as well as looking after mother and child in childbed.

These placements will be coordinated and supervised by the Faculty of Applied Social and Health Sciences.

A pre-study placement is not absolutely essential but is strongly advised.

Acting head of B.Sc. programme:

Prof. Dr. Klaudia Winkler (klaudia.winkler(at)

Course information

Course startsWinter semester
Course duration7 semesters, 210 ECTS credits
Course options in English:Courses
Degree titleBachelor of Science (B.Sc.)