Social Work - Inclusion and Exclusion (Master)

The consecutive MA in Social Work - Inclusion and Exclusion is a logical continuation of undergraduate study programmes in social work and social pedagogy, and will equip Master graduates with the skills needed to meet more highly specialised professional criteria demanding further qualification. 

Success in completing this degree programme will confer the academic degree of Master of Arts. The programme concentrates on the scientific practice of Social Work and its applications, and contributes to generating new blood for research and development projects within the Social Work discipline. 

With this mind, one of the aims of the degree programme is to equip you with the scientific fundamentals and concepts of method which you will need as an expert in social work to be able to deal with problems not just of inclusion and exclusion in society but also of integration and participation, and to deliver problem-solving opportunities for the groups affected by such problems.

Degree programme information

Commencement:Summer semester
Duration:3 semesters, full-time, 90 ECTS credits
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Degree title:Master of Arts (M.A.)
Accreditation:ACQUIN  Accreditation Agency [only available in German]