Degree Programmes

Part-time Bachelor degree programmes

In future Bavaria as a centre of higher education will be expanding the choice of part-time Bachelor degree programmes to further enhance its power to attract the very best of brains. With this new study format, you can pursue an undergraduate course at the university of applied sciences without dropping out of the work process. You won’t need to put your career on hold or make a potentially difficult return to work after completing the course. These programmes will also suit vocationally qualified students with employment experience but with no academic or vocational diploma.

Part-time Master degree programmes

Our part-time Master degree courses are aimed at skilled personnel and managers who have already successfully obtained a first degree and can show at least one year’s career experience. Students of this course format are looking to deepen and/or refresh their existing knowledge and will be typically preparing to take the next step in their careers. Time-wise, these programmes are designed not to intrude on work and family commitments.

Bachelor Business Studies (part-time) 
Bachelor Nursing Management (part-time) 
Bachelor Social Work (part-time) 
Bachelor Mechatronic Systems Engineering (part-time) 
Master Automotive Electronics (part-time) 
Master Business Administration (part-time) 
Master of Information Technology (part time) 
Master Management and Communications (part-time)