Internship semester abroad

“Not just spending your vacation in a great country but actually living there for a while and experiencing much more!” – It’s a dream that can come true! 

Spending your internship abroad is the opportunity to realise this dream. Whether for your compulsory internship semester or additionally as a course-related voluntary internship. 

And the opportunity to broaden and consolidate your language skills in English / French / Spanish etc. is an added bonus! An internship spent abroad allows you to experience first-hand what it’s like living day-to-day in another country and to get to know that country’s culture and customs, quite apart from consolidating the knowledge acquired in your academic studies as you work in a host company or in the research facility of a host university.

Looking “beyond your own back yard” offers students a chance to better appraise themselves and their abilities in initially unfamiliar surroundings and will boost their self-assurance and confidence. Not for nothing does experience of working abroad count increasingly as a recruiting criterion for employers filling job vacancies and looking for staff displaying these and other qualities, such as intercultural skills, flexibility and the ability to communicate.

And finally, an internship abroad provides an unique opportunity for students to network on an international scale to make those all-important contacts with attractive potential employers and to leave a lasting and positive impression.

What are you waiting for? The dream can come true!

Our International Office can give advice on searching for an internship, provide help with making applications in other languages, assist you with any visa formalities, tell you about any funding that is available, and much more. Announcements of current events during the semester will be found here.