Examinations and Internships Office


  • Advising students in all exam-related procedures (e. g. deadlines, conditions for advancement, medical certificates)
  • Processing of exam registrations
  • Publication of grades and information on the implications of failing or non-participation in exams
  • Issue of certificates (e.g. BaFöG- records of achievement / credits)

Internships / Pre-Study Placements:

Contact Person

Study Programs (A-Z)AbbreviationContact Person
Advanced Nursing PracticeANPFrau Peterlik
Applied Research in Engineering SciencesMAPFrau Reisbeck
ArchitectureA + MARFrau Littkopf
Artificial Intelligence and Data ScienceKIFrau Littkopf
Automotive Electronics (part-time)MAEFrau Pielmeier
Biomedical EngineeringBEFrau Flierl
Building ArchaeologyMHBFrau Littkopf
Building Climate ControlGKFrau Littkopf
Business Administration (Master´s)MBAFrau Pielmeier
Business StudiesBWHerr Kauzner
Business Studies, (part-time)BBWFrau Pielmeier
Business Studies, (part-time)WBWFrau Pielmeier
Business Studies (Master´s)MBWHerr Kauzner
Business Studies Qualification (part-time)BWQFrau Pielmeier
Business Information TechnologyIWFrau Reisbeck
Civil EngineeringB + MBBFrau Schardt
Computer ScienceIFrau Reisbeck
Computer Science (Master´s)MINFrau Reisbeck
Digital EntrepreneurshipMDEFrau Vogel
Bachelor´s Degree Program Nursing CarePFHerr Kauzner
Electrical and Microsystems EngineeringMEMHerr Krause
Electrical Engineering and Information TechnologyEIHerr Krause
Electromobility and Power NetworksMEEHerr Krause
Environmental and Industrial Sensor TechnologyUIHerr Krause
European Business StudiesEB + MEBHerr Krause
Human Resource ManagementHRMHerr Krause
Industrial EngineeringMIEFrau Flierl
Industrial DesignIDFrau Littkopf
Information Technology (part-time)WITFrau Pielmeier
Intelligent Systems EngineeringISEFrau Vogel
Intercultural Issues and Development ManagementIEMFrau Vogel
International Relations and ManagementIRFrau Schardt
LogisticsMLOHerr Krause
MathematicsMA + MMAFrau Schardt
Management and Communications (part-time)LKMFrau Pielmeier
Mechanical EngineeringMB + MMBFrau Flierl
Mechatronic Systems Engineering (part time)STFrau Pielmeier
MechatronicsMEFrau Schardt
Medical InformaticsIMFrau Reisbeck
Medical EngineeringMMTFrau Flierl
Microsystems TechnologyMSHerr Krause
MidwiferyHKFrau Peterlik
Music and Movement Oriented Social WorkMUFrau Britzl
Nursing Management (part-time)PMFrau Pielmeier
PhysiotherapyPTFrau Peterlik
Production Engineering and AutomationPAFrau Flierl
Renewable Energy Engineering and Energy EfficiencyREFrau Schardt
Sensor Technology and AnalyticsSAHerr Krause
Social WorkSO + MSOFrau Britzl
Social Work (part-time)BSFrau Pielmeier
Social Work (at schools)SDFrau Britzl
Speech TherapyLPFrau Peterlik
Technical Computer ScienceITFrau Reisbeck