Research at OTH Regensburg

OTH Regensburg is one of the most research-intensive Universities of Applied Sciences in Bavaria and has held the title of ‘Technical University of Applied Sciences’ since 2013. OTH Regensburg is guided first and foremost by its five core themes 'Energy and Mobility', 'Information and Communication', 'Life Sciences and Ethics', 'Production and Systems' and 'Buildings and Infrastructure'. Sensor Technology and Digitization crosslink these core themes as interdisciplinary subjects.

At the same time the university’s research work closely mirrors the economic structures of the Regensburg region. As a partner in joint research projects with business and industry, OTH Regensburg is able to generate fresh innovative impetus for the region – with new processes and technologies, by boosting skill levels and creating potential for entrepreneurship and business startups.

A number of institutions provide the resources for our research activities:

Here, the Institute of Applied Research and Partnership with Industry (IAFW) acts as an umbrella organization and is the principal point of contact for all research activities of OTH Regensburg.

OTH Regensburg both coordinates and participates in a great many national and international research projects

Our extensive network of contacts is reflected in our wide-ranging partnerships with business and industry, higher education institutions, non-university research establishments and the public sector at regional, national and international level.