Cooperative Studies at OTH Regensburg

The OTH Regensburg can offer a wide range of dual cooperative study options as part of the hochschule dual[only available in German] initiative (the 'family' brand for dual study at universities of applied sciences in Bavaria) and in cooperation with a large number of businesses, agencies and institutions.

The range offers

- purely dual study courses which can only be studied dually. These are the integrated vocational training courses in Speech Therapy and Physiotherapy

- as well as regular study courses which can also be studied dually. Two models are available for this: academic studies combined with vocational training and academic studies with intensive in-company training


  • A combination of university study and vocational training
  • Two qualifications:
    • Bachelor degree
    • Vocational qualification (Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Trades etc.)
  • Up to 30 months of practical experience
  • Duration: approx. 4.5 years
Composite Study


  • A combination of university study and on-the-job training in a company
  • Two qualifications:
    • Bachelor degree
    • Final examination in a recognised occupation requiring formal training (Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Trades etc.)
  • Up to 30 months of practical experience
  • Duration: approx. 4.5 years
  • A combination of university study and work placement periods that exceed the duration of an internship semester
  • Bachelor degree
  • 50% more practical training as a normal degree course
  • Duration: approx. 3.5 years

Information for prospective students

Vorlesung OTH Regensburg
  • a full-status course of study at a university of applied sciences
  • financial security – the training/internship is paid
  • excellent job and career prospects
  • regular, real-time application of theoretical knowledge
  • full involvement in structures, procedures and projects
  • a smooth transition to the world of work
  • training of important key qualifications
prospective students

Please also check this document.

  1. First, apply to the training establishment of your choice
    If your preferred company is not yet on our list it can enter into a cooperation agreement with us. Please get in contact with "Contact for businesses"
  2. Sign a training contract with the company
  3. Apply for a place to study at OTH Regensburg
    Please add the contract with the company when applying.
    With the Composite Study option it is advisable to apply for a university place before starting the preliminary placement. Refer to the Numerus Clausus Limit (NC)for your course Application.


Entrance requirements

Dual study is aimed at prospective students who are particularly performance-motivated and goal-oriented.

Entrance requirements for the Composite Study option:

  1. Abitur / Fachhochschulreife (qualification for entrance to universities of applied science) / fachgebundene Hochschulreife (subject-linked qualification for university entrance)
  2. Training contract

Entrance requirements for Study with In-depth Practice:

  1. Abitur / Fachhochschulreife / fachgebundene Hochschulreife (see above) or
    'Meisterprüfung' (or equivalent vocational examination) or
    subject-linked entrance for highly qualified employees
  2. Training/intern contract

Information for businesses

  • Recruiting
    • young, motivated skilled workers and manager
    • qualified engineers and business graduates who speak the same language as your skilled workers and qualified office staff
    • practically trained academics with a strong sense of loyalty
  • No time and cost intensive induction and trainee programs
  • Suitable study options are chosen together with the students
  • Close ties and good contacts with OTH Regensburg
  1. Contact the person responsible for cooperative study courses at OTH Regensburg
  2. Formalise the training partnership with the help of the Chamber of Commerce/Trades
  3. Create the conditions in the company for providing places for trainees/interns
    • Provide comprehensive quality of practical training
    • Assign a mentor/contact person for the dual student in the company
  4. Publish vacant traineeships/internships
    (with database entry and bulletins on the website, flyers, placing job adverts, presence at fairs and exhibitions etc.)
  5. Select the applicants
    (Please take the entrance requirements into consideration: see above)
  6. Agree and sign training/internship contracts with your chosen candidates
    (Model contracts are available from hochschule dual and your local Chamber of Commerce/Trade)
  7. Once their contract is signed, your candidates will apply for a study place at OTH Regensburg