Leave of Absence

According to Art. 48 para. 2 BayHSchG, it is possible to take leave of absence from studies if there is an important reason. Important reasons within the meaning of this provision are in particular

Reasons for leave of absence with supporting documents:

Medical certificate for the period of illness, if necessary a physician's assessment, if an application for leave of absence is also to be submitted for the following semester.

Criteria applied to the current medical certificate in the event of leave due to illness:

  • confirmation that the medical certificate is based on a medical examination of the student completed by the undersigned physician personally,
  • the date of the medical examination,
  • a description of the current disease-related physical, mental and/or emotional dysfunctions from a medical point of view. The description must be sufficiently precise and comprehensible so that the university is able to conclude why a semester's leave of absence should be granted, and
  • the onset and probable duration of the illness with details of the summer or winter semester in which the inability to study is confirmed.

Notification of admission or confirmation of a study place from the foreign university or certificate of enrollment from the foreign university in the original, contract with the foreign internship office/company

Contract with the administrative authority

Employment contract

Maternal passport and, after the birth, the birth certificate, official confirmation that the child lives in the applicant´s household. A leave of absence of up to 6 semesters is possible when on parental leave.

Confirmation from the health or long-term care insurance company that you are registered as a caregiver and Proof of family relationship. Close relatives are: parents, grandparents, parents-in-law, stepparents, spouses, life partners, partners in a marriage-like or life-partner-like community, siblings, spouses of siblings and brothers and sisters of spouses, life partners of siblings and brothers and sisters of life partners, children, adopted or foster children, adopted or foster children of the spouse or life partner, children-in-law and grandchildren. Care does not mean bringing up a child, but the care of a close relative requiring a higher level of care. Caregivers may take a leave of absence of up to 4 semesters as defined in § 4 Section 1 of the Nursing Care Act (PflegZG).


A strict case-by-case assessement is required. Depending on the facts of the case, the reason for the leave of absence must be substantiated by the submission of appropriate and/or written statements. The university decides on the suitability of the documents.

The application for leave of absence should be submitted at the Admissions and Organization Office. The dean will decide on your application.

Application deadlines:

  • 15 April for a summer semester
  • 31 October for a winter semester

If the important reason for the leave of absence occurs after the expiry of the deadline and the occurrence was not foreseeable, an application may be submitted no later than

  • 15 May for a summer semester
  • 30 November for a winter semester

Applications will be accepted after these deadlines.

Important information on leave of absence:

  1. A leave of absence (except parental leave) can "usually" be granted for up to two semesters of study.
  2. The period of leave of absence is not included in the determination of the number of semesters studied.
  3. Later approval for a completed semester is not possible.
  4. A leave of absence for the first semester of study cannot be granted.
  5. A verbal agreement with the dean cannot replace the obligation to provide evidence of the reasons for leave of absence.
  6. The obligation to re-register in accordance with the regulations remains in force, even during a semester of leave.
  7. During the leave of absence there is basically no claim to BAföG (German student loan)
  8. During the leave of absence
  • you are entitled to vote
  • you can validate your OTH Regensburg-Card early March/early September
  • you remain a member (student) of the OTH Regensburg
  • you are not permitted to take first-time examinations (Exception: parental leave)
  • you are obliged to take repeat examinations. These deadlines are not interrupted by the leave of absence and must therefore be taken. In individual cases, an extension can be granted on request in the Examinations and Internships Office. In this case, too, it is necessary to register for the examination in due form and time.