OTH Regensburg-Card

At the University of Applied Sciences Regensburg students are issued an OTH Regensburg card. This multifunction card is used as, for example:

  • student ID card
  • library card
  • mensa card
  • semester ticket
  • ID card for sports activites


Validation of the OTH Regensburg-Card

Once you have re-registered, you can validate your OTH Regensburg card for the next semester. This is possible for a summer semester from March and for a winter semester from September at the validation terminals. You will find the terminals at the following locations:

  • location Seybothstraße 2: entrance Area Seybothstraße at the Infopoint, in front of and by the Cip-Pools
  • location Galgenbergstraße 30: entrance area of the lecture hall building at the forum
  • location Galgenbergstraße 32: entrance area of building K
  • location Prüfeninger Straße 58: central area – main floor

If you use the semester ticket, please note that you must first validate your OTH Regensburgcard at the beginning of the semester.

Loss or Defect of the OTH Regensburg-Card

A loss or defect of the OTH Regensburg card must be reported to the service office. To ensure that your new card can be processed in advance, please send us an E-Mail (studentenausweis@oth-regensburg.de) with the following content:

  • ID-compatible passport photo in portrait format
  • matriculation number
  • surname, first name
  • study program
  • loss or defect

You will then be notified when your new ID card is ready for collection at the Admissions and Organization Office (Room V018).

If the OTH card is lost, the fee for the replacement is 10.00 euros and must be paid at the cash desk (Kasse, Room V205) before you pick up the card. Please submit the following application to the cashier.

Please pay special attention to the opening hours of the two locations during noon break.

With the newly issued OTH Regensburg card please contact us regarding


Library Card

The OTH Regensburg card also serves as a library card. If you lose your card, you must inform the Admissions and Organization Office and the Lending Desk in the main library in Seybothstraße (Tel.: 0941/943-1038 or e-mail: bibliothek@oth-regensburg.de) immediately to avoid misuse.
Library cards of the University of Regensburg Library and the State Library Regensburg are also valid at the OTH Regensburg library. You can also borrow media from the other two libraries with your OTH Regensburg library card.
Further information can be obtained from the pages of the OTH Library Regensburg as well as in our  Flyer „Kleine Einstiegshilfe“. (available only in German)


Mensa Card

Information on the Mensa & CampusCard is available through the Studentenwerk.


ID Card for Sports Activities

Information on Sports at the University of Regensburg and OTH Regensburg - Informationen zum Uni- bzw. Hochschulsport

With the OTH Regensburg card you can also participate in university sports. You can obtain the authorization for university sport at one of the validators.
By pressing the touch screen display, the booking program will appear, where you can book the desired courses (Please note that the basic fee "Participation fee student sports" (in German -Teilnahmegebühr Studierende Sport)  must always be booked, because without booking the basic fee no entitlement to participate in sports will be printed on the OTH Regensburg card).

To debit the sports fees please hold the OTH Regensburg card to the card reader in the front area of the validator. Then insert the card laterally into the validator for printing. Depending on the booked program, the following characters will be printed on the OTH Regensburg card:

  • "S15" or "W15" for the basic fee
  • "S15B" or "W15B" for both, fitness (weight room) und climbing
  •  "S15C" or "W15C" for climbing
  • "S15F" or "W15F" for fitness (weight room)
  •  "S15K" or "W15K" combi (climbing, fitness/weight room, sauna)

(S is short for summer semester, W is short for winter semester; 15 for the year 2015)

Please contact the information desk at the computer center if you have any questions.

Student Identity Card

International Student Identity Card:

An international student ID card can be purchased at the price of 15.00 euros. A brochure is available upon issuance, which lists all possible uses and discounts. Further information is available at http://www.isic.org.

German-French Student Identity Card:

Every student can obtain a French-German student ID card from the student services office for 2.20 euros, which entitles them to all the corresponding discounts for students in France, including meals in student restaurants and overnight stays in student hostels.

International Youth Hostel Card:

This ID card is available from the student services office for all students up to the age of 27 for a fee of 10.50 euros. For students over 27 years of age, the senior and family ID card is available for 18.00 euros.