Information and help for nursing relatives

Personal consultation and individual assistance

Situations in which persons need nursering assistance often occur suddenly without the possibility to undertake planning. We offer you the opportunity to arrange a consultation appointment in the family office right away. Here you receive advice about the necessary steps of application of a care level, preparation for the assessment by the Medical Service of the Health Funds (MDK), concrete possibilites of assistance at home, possbilities of part inpatient and inpatient care, compatibility of care and work etc. There are no "General recipes". Consequently, consultancy service, which takes into account your individual situation, is of crucial importance. 

Useful links

Specialist agency for nursing relatives in the city of Regensburg

The specialist agency supports nursing relatives by providing free advice, support and relief services.

Possible are e.g.:

  • Information to benefits of the nursing insurance and applying for care levels
  • Supporting in age-appropriate housing adaptation
  • Arranging of contacts to various problems and geronto-psychiatric services
  • Organisation of a talkgroup for relatives of people with dementia
  • Creation of individual care plans


Specialist agency for nursing relatives of Malteser e.V. Regensburg

The specialist agency supports nursing relatives by providing free advice, support and relief services.

Possible are e.g.:

  • Infromation and advice on support services and their financing
  • Consultation to services of health and nursing care insurance
  • Supply with applications
  • Personal counseling to deal with the nursing and care situation and to deal with the relatives with dementia
  • Support in official matters
  • If required even home visits

This brochure provides an overview of the supply range for people requiring care support for family caregivers in the city of Regensburg.

Brochure "Signpost nursing Regensburg"

This portal offers a lot of useful support services and further suggestions for the design of life everyday. Especially attractive may be the active card for elderly people.

Through the cooperation of the city and district Regensburg you can look here for free home places and also find a list of all homes in the region.


Support and relief for people who are relatives with dementia care and support.


Here people can accompany dementia by hours and thus nursing people are relieved and supported. The Cafe Malta is specially designed for guests with dementia.

In the Bavarian State Ministry of Health and care there is for some time a maintenance officer: 
Hermann Imhof, MdL
Dependents and their relatives, but also nurses can address their concerns in the field of outpatient or inpatient care at him. This confidentiality is guaranteed.

Contact and additional information:

The Bavarian Ministry has lots of information on the topic "Living for the Elderly" bundled shown at this link and also listed alternative lifestyles among the needs of the greatest possible independence.

Not only regionally, but also nationally, you can go here to search for the right home and get regarding various quality criteria a good overall view.

The association Barrier-Free life e.V. is an association for aid counseling, housing Adaptation and barrier-free construction advice.

In the online portal for housing and care, you can find topics, which are well and easy to understand.

Caritas has put together a guide that deals with the major issues such as housing, legal circumstances, care, nursing and supply.

In this portal people with disabilities, family members, but also companies and administrations find many useful information.

The support for nursing relatives is particularly important. This also was adopted by the Bavarian Ministry and deals were put together.

Each insurance company has a contact person about the topic care, which you can contact.

The consumer center offers a quick insight around themes related to Health & Care.

Below you can find a listing of all patient counseling centers in Bavaria.

Free, independent, neutral, competent and understandable is helped with questions about diseases, rights as a patient, and private and professional consequences of an illness.

For a variety of topics advice seeking can anonymously and free consult here with employees of the welfare association Caritas. Due to the very straightforward and simple explanation of the function of online counseling, this property can be used without prior experience.

The federal advocacy for elder and nursing affected people committed to the rights and concerns.

The Association provides a lobby for the elderly in Germany, which represented interests toward politics, economy and society.

To meet the interests and needs of caring for people and to maintain the quality and to hold it on a comparable level, there are valuable criteria for evaluation and a list of all contact persons for suggestion at this link.