Compability of work and family

Organization of work

The Maternity Protection Act (Mutterschutzgesetz, shortly MuSchG) applies to all women who are employed (§ 1). It includes various provisions, which are to protect pregnant women. An example is the protection from dismissal by the employer during pregnancy and up to four months after childbirth (§ 9).

During pregnancy women are entitled to prenatal medical checkups, medical care and midwife assistance, provision of medicines, bandages and remedies, childbirth in hospital, domestic care and household assistance. Pregnant women must be released from work for prenatal medicine checkups if necessary.

Expectant mothers who have statutory health insurance or private health insurance are generally entitled to maternity allowance. The provisions vary by person group and type of health insurance.

You can find more detailed information on maternity allowance and the Maternity Protection Act under:

Immediately after the maternity protection period or also later mothers as well as fathers are entitled to apply parental leave with their employer.

The only prerequisites are:

- You must be employed
- The child must live in the same household
- You must inform your employer about the beginning of parental leave at least 7 weeks in advance

 Parental leave can be applied for up to three years. Parts of it can be taken by mother and father at the same time. During parental leave you can work up to 30 hours per week.

The brochure „Parental leave for employees and officials of the Free State of Bavaria" ("Elternzeit für Arbeitnehmerinnen und Arbeitsnehmer sowie für Beamtinnen und Beamte des Freistaats Bayern") provides detailed information.

The parental allowance is an earnings replacement benefit in the amount of 67% of the lost net income (1.800 € maximum) and at least 300€. It is paid for a period of twelve months. On January 1st some provisions have been changed. Further information can be obtained on the webpages of the responsible Federal Ministry BMFSFJ (Bundesministerium BMFSFJ).

Part time

One of the most important reasons for a part-time job is still the family. Whether it be to raise children or to care for relatives in need of nursing care. Which form or organization of part-time work suits best depends on different influencing factors. Possible is the distribution of working time to less than five working days or the reduction of the daily working time.

The following prerequisites must be met to be entitled to the reduction of working hours:
- The employment relationship has existed for at least 6 months
- There are no operational reasons which argue against this approach

An application for part-time work must be filed at least three months before the planned beginning.


Telework means that you work at least a part of the weekly working hours at home. Concerning this subject the OTH Regensburg has concluded a new labour agreement. You can find it on the intranet in the document portal under “personnel”.

In the appendix of the labour agreement you can find the respective application forms.


Offers at the campus

The sports center of the University of Regensburg also offers sports courses for children.

Condition is a valid sports identity card, which is also available for members (spouse, children). Information you get from the contact persons of the University Regensburg.

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