Gender and Diversity

Studying with a disability/chronic disorder

OTH Regensburg makes every effort to ensure that people with disabilities or a chronic disorder can successfully plan and complete their degree programmes. We recommend that you get expert advice well before you start your degree programme. Come and talk to us, we’ll be happy to support you!

Advice for students with disabilities/chronic disorders and organising mentoring for first-year students with disabilities/chronic disorders:

Andrea März-Bäuml, Dipl.- Soz.Päd. (FH)
Galgenbergstr. 30, Room D 107
Tel.: 0941 943-9710

Women’s Representative at OTH Regensburg

OTH Regensburg aspires to raising the proportion of women at all levels of qualification. Equality of opportunity for women and men is our declared objective, so it’s important that your study and work environment is framed to ensure you are happy to be here.

Women’s Representative:

Prof. Dr. Christine Süß-Gebhard
Galgenbergstr. 30, Room D 105
Tel.: 09 41 / 943 - 9729

Families Office

The Families Office is part of the Student Advisory Service. Our aim is to create a family-friendly work and study environment for all university members to the benefit of women and men, children and older people alike. This family friendliness extends to anyone looking after children or caring for family members.
The target group includes pregnant students, students with children or other family members in their care, prospective students with families, OTH Regensburg teaching and non-teaching staff with educational or domestic care duties.


Katrin Liebl, M.A., Dipl. Sozialpäd. (FH)
Galgenbergstraße 30, Room D 111
Tel.: 0941 943-9208
E-Mail: familienbuero(at)


Should you feel disadvantaged because of your race, ethnic background, sex, religion or world view, a disability, age or sexual identity, please contact: